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Fact Pigs Can Fly!


I bought 3 piglets for my family for christmas, the piggys are being flown to Africa from Ireland proving that Pigs can Fly! I'm now owed a lot of things now that pigs can fly, so I'm cashing in!!!



VeryHappyPig is full of usless facts!



Another Massive Brawl That We Will Never Be Able To Answer!


Who would win this scrap.... a Worm or a Caterpillar?

I would do anything and I mean anything to see this fight!

I might say it to Sky Sports and see if they're interested.... I could be starting a revolution here! Let the caterpillar/worm wars begin!



VeryHappyPig would have to put his mega fortune on the Caterpillar because when he goes fishing, the worm doesn’t put up much of a fight!

Although that Earthworm Jim lad was a tough cookie!



The Worlds Most Unanswered Question!


Who would win a brawl to the death...... a Robin red breast or a Sparrow!

Let the blood bath begin!



VeryHappyPig's money would go on the robin but I'd say the sparrow would put up a good scrap!





Wonder what it would be like to mix a teabag and a spoon of coffee together!!

Dare I try it!



Very Happy Pig is going to do it!



Electricity.... A Great Invention!!


What an invention we have here! What would life be like without Electricity.. Apart from the obvious things it does, like making your hair stand up etc. It also has uses like stopping us walking into walls and making tea and toast!

Life without this amazing stuff would be very very dark! In fact, I wouldn't be able to bring you this very useful information if it wasn't for the Electric lad!

Very Happy Pig thanks Benjamin Franklin and if he's still around I'll have a pint with him over the Christmas!





Air.... Great Idea And Great Invention!


Let's face it, this was a good one, imagine life without it! Flat wheels on cars and not being able to breath would be a slight pain in the ass!

Some say the Big Bang made it, some say the man upstairs made it but who knows! All I know is it was a great god damn idea and hopefully he has a patent on it!!

Very Happy Pig loves Air!





Our Newly Added Invention.... Is The Mirror!!


Oh yes imagine life without this. Imagine the scary heads first thing in the morning. Imagine even trying to drive without these things.... mirrors! Jaysus life would be bad!

Made by the ancient Roman's, this is a necessity in every household! Vain or not vain you couldn't live without your trusty sidekick!!



Very Happy Pig needs one of these every mornig to sort out his curly bits!

We give this lad the Hooves up in a big way!



Television.... Very Good Invention!


Damn good invention this, one of the best, I'd say...... A lot of us would live very boring lives without. It is an essential in almost every home, it's the televsion/box/tube.

Commercially available since the late 1930s, it was Philo Farnsworth, in 1928 who made the world's first working television set. The television has become popular in homes and businesses as a source of entertainment and news.



Basically, a television means that we do not have to watch paint dry, read a book or even talk to each other!!!

Miss Piggy is a big fan of TV (it's where I made my name afterall!), but it might be nice to turn it off once in a while, just as long as your willing to find out if your living with someone boring, ugly or just plain freaky!


Link :


Forget everything else... this is the ultimate necessity!


Our invention of the week is an absolute fabulous creation.... it's the thing we take for granted every day but if we don't have any then there is big big trouble!!!! Of course, we're talking about the toilet roll/ bog roll or jax roll.... whatever you want to call it, life would be unliveable without it! Think of it! Made by the Gods and saints themselves! Just be thankful everyday for it! And if you dont agree imagine a dodgy curry without this stuff.... the messiness index would go through the roof!! The Very Happy Pig reckons the man who made this, one Mr. T Rolland should be made king of the world!! Four hoofs up for this one....





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