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Celebrate life's little indulgences this Winter Season with the Magnum Mini range - it's true the be


Updated : Oct 19, 2009

Celebrate life’s little indulgences this Winter Season with the Magnum Mini range

It’s true the best things do come in small packages

We all know the transition from Summer to Winter can be tough on us all, but on the plus side, when the clocks go back on Sunday 25th October 2009 you get a whole extra hour to enjoy yourself! To help drive away those negative Winter blues, Magnum – the World’s Pleasure Authority - is encouraging people to get more pleasure in their lives by spending that extra 60 minutes giving a lift to the most important person in your life – you!

Magnum Mini range celebrates the pleasure of ‘me time’ at its very best, bringing everything you love about your favourite Magnum ice cream – thick cracking chocolate, delicious, velvety ice cream - in a perfect mini size, allowing you to enjoy the Magnum experience whenever you feel the need for a little luxury.

The perfect ‘mini’ size satisfies your taste buds by providing a true Magnum experience without leaving a feeling of over-indulgence. Magnum Mini is the ideal partner for those indulgent, quiet nights in on the sofa – when you get to sit in your perfect ‘sofa spot’ and watch your favourite TV show or movie uninterrupted! Magnum Mini is also great to share with the girls. In these ‘credit crunch’ times, why not swap the usual girl’s night out for a night in at yours. Keep it easy and simple with fresh ingredients and then wow them with their favourite Magnum Mini for dessert – entertaining at home has never been easier (or more fun!).

“Like Magnum, I truly believe we are entitled to more pleasure – and this doesn’t have to mean huge, life-changing pleasures. Sometimes a small pleasure everyday can be just as satisfying and as a massive chocolate lover, I do find myself reaching for a Magnum Mini hit time after time,” says Eva Mendes, Magnum 2009 Pleasure Ambassador.

Drawing on new findings from a world-wide study into pleasure and working alongside leading life-style coach Alyssa Abbey, Magnum has developed 5 mini ‘Me-Time’ tips for surviving the season without spending too much time, money or effort.

A little of what you fancy does you good: According to the Magnum study, we rate taste our top pleasure experience*. It’s essential to allow yourself a little indulgent treat every now and then during the winter months without feeling the need to repent. A Magnum Mini makes a great little pick-me-up. What’s more, research by HB ice cream revealed that when you eat ice cream the brain’s pleasure zones light up** and ice cream stimulates positive memory associations with childhood, holidays, sunshine and good times.
Make a night of a night In: Take a new spin on your girlie nights in:
Clothes swapping – Clothes swapping with your mates can be a great way to update your wardrobe without feeling the pang of guilt you feel after a big shop.
Cocktails - if you’re looking to impress your friends and add a little buzz to the evening, make some indulgent Magnum Mini White Diamond martinis to celebrate the frosty winter days. The recipe was developed by award winning, London based Chocolatier Paul Young (see recipe below) Please enjoy alcohol responsibly.
Add a splash of colour: Bright hues have the ability to generate feelings of well being and help produce happiness hormones. There’s no need to spend a fortune either, a pair of colourful tights or a statement scarf is all you need.
a. Wear purple if you are feeling dull, to make you feel special

b. Wear orange for energy and creativity

c. Wear red to make you feel more powerful

Take time out: Relax regularly and get some ‘me time’ without the guilt of feeling like you are doing nothing. Curl up on the sofa with a warming mug of Magnum Mini ‘Classic Comfort’ a decadent chocolate orange drink also developed by Chocolatier Paul Young (recipe below) to watch a classic film and turn a manic Monday into a Magnum Monday.
5. Remember the good times: Research carried out by Peter Naish, Doctor of Psychology at The Open University demonstrates that looking at personal photos improves a person’s sense of relaxation, brightness, calmness and alertness, and even their sense of being valued and popular***

Available in three of your favourite Magnum flavours, the new Magnum Mini range is guaranteed to excite the taste buds of the savviest pleasure-seeker. From classics such as crunchy Almond and smooth White Chocolate, to seductive flavours including “Chocolate & Strawberry”, Magnum Mini gives you a choice of ‘me-time’ favourites. The irresistible combination of thick cracking chocolate and velvety ice cream gives you a delicious Magnum Mini hit again and again!

Commenting Colette Coughlan, Senior Brand Manager, Magnum said: “Magnum as the World’s Pleasure Authority, Magnum believes we’re all entitled to enjoy more pleasure in our lives and as the small pleasures are the ones we want again and again, Magnum Mini is the perfectly packaged answer, particularly at this time of year.”

Magnum Mini allows you to set the agenda with its convenient format that is designed to fit into your lifestyle. Go where the mood takes you at any time of day, any day of the week. In fact, Magnum Mini is a celebration of your right to a little spontaneous fun and indulgence.

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