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Strange But True......


A woman on a flight from Thailand to Los Angeles hid a sedated monkey under her jumper and pretended to be pregnant. Gypsy Lawson, 29, actually passed through customs without raising suspicion only to be caught when she boasted about the successful smuggling of the monkey!

Film-goers at the Cineworld complex in Tyneside, UK were shocked when a horse jumped the queue and burst into the cinema. The horse, who escaped from a local farm, cantered around the complex after charging through the automatic doors and left moments later through the exit doors!



VeryHappyPig goes to the cinema all the time.... what's the big deal!



Did You Know......


A few interesting facts to repeat in front of your friends and make yourself look smart:

Tablecloths were originally meant to be served as towels with which dinner guests could wipe their hands and faces after eating!

The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows. It was the fashion in Renaissance Florence to shave them off!

The king of hearts is the only king without a moustache on a standard playing card

VeryHappyPig is gonna use the King of Hearts fact at my next poker game and shock all my friends with my intelligence! Oh Yeah!





See, Pigs Have Been Flying For Years!


The first pig actually took flight in 1909 and travelled over England with British pilot J.T.C. Moore-Brabazon.

VeryHappyPig is going to go out straight away and book a flight to Rome....... hopefully with a pilot with an even cooler name than J.T.C. Moore-Brabazon





The Slanket!


With the winter chill really setting in, the answer to keeping warm may be the fantasically named Slanket.

Basically it is a big fleece blanket with sleeves designed to keep your entire body covered and cozy while you still have the use of your hands.

Inventor Gary Clegg got the lightbulb moment when he ripped a hole in his sleeping bag so he could change TV channels with his remote control.

Enlisting his mother to mock up a prototype, he is now ready to share his invention with the world.

The US inventor claims the Slanket, which costs about €35, is good for the environment and as well as perfect for those suffering through the credit crunch as you won't have to turn your heating on so high.



VeryHappyPig has a Slanket and loves it!



Best Cup Of Tea Ever!


Life just got a lot easier after a genius came up with this idea!

It's the Penguin tea timer and its phrase is
"A Perfectly Brewed Cup Of TEA Everytime!"

No longer will we have to suffer the arm stress of stirring that god damn cup of tea!

The Penguin holds the tea bag in his mouth and bobs his head up and down and a timer will tell you when your cuppa is perfect!



Very Happy Pig says wow!



Best God Damn Hat Ever!


It's pink.... It has wings.... And it's incredibly stupid. It's the...

If you only buy one stupid hat in your lifetime, this is the one. We have yet to see a hat as ridiculous as the Flying Pig Hat.

It is a pink porker that sits on your head, happy as a pig in... well, sh*t. And since this is a flying pig, it has a smashing pair of wings jutting out its back.

And to make it even better, when you pull on the hat's chin strap, the wing's will flap up and down! If that's not a stupid hat, I don't know what is!

Wear one to a party... or better yet, wear one to work (as long as your not afraid of getting fired!) And if you can get anyone to talk to you.



VeryHappyPig says Pigs are great!



ESB Bill, Gas Bill, Phone Bill, I'm Going To Beat The Crap Outta Somebody!


Our cool gift of the day, is the Mr. Bill doll. If Bord Gais send you a big bill, don't get angry at real people, just beat the crap out of dis lad!

For those of you not familiar with The Mr. Bill Show, we can sum it up in one word: violent. He first appeared way back in 1975, and appeared in over 20 episodes. And in each one, poor Mr. Bill was the recipient of ever-escalating acts of violence.

And now you can re-create those acts yourself on your very own Mr. Bill doll. He stands 6 inches toy and is made of durable vinyl. That durability will come in handy as you pound, twist, and generally torture your new friend



Very Happy Pig is going to torture the Mr. Bill doll!



Never Lose Your Balls Again!


Here's our Great Gift of the day for any big fan of golf!

It's the golf ball life jacket to save your balls from drowning. Never will there be another ball lost in thoes dreaded water holes!



Very Happy Pig thinks this would be a present to remember!



One For The Perfect Ladies!


Our gift today, is the toilet bowl lipgloss. It's so simple, just open the lid put your finger in and scoop out your lip gloss and it won't look sh*t!

Lads, she would love this one for a romantic gift!



Very Happy Pig wants brown lip gloss!



Sweet Sweet Sweet!


This is one that's a bit of a no brainer, just go out to dinner, wear a simple white t-shirt and pull this bad boy out of your pocket!

This is the "Dress For Dinner Napkins", what an invention, brilliant. You'll look the Poodles Privates with this on!



Very Happy Pig wants one of these!



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